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ϣ Lifts your Expectations

Handle loads more safely and efficiently with a ϣ stacker. ϣ stackers are an economic solution to warehouses or storage rooms where a forklift is not required, or they will make a perfect back-up for down forklift. Your savings will stack up in many ways with a ϣ stacker.

ϣ stackers can manoeuver in as little as a 2190 mm aisle with an EURO pallet, making this a perfect solution to maximising your storage capacity within a minimum amount of space. Different models with lifting capacities up to 1200 kg with fork heights from 920-3300 mm. Made with rounded corners, ϣ stackers prevent damage to surroundings, pallets and goods.

Warehouses must be maintained so they will run as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Order accurateness and delivery time are all tied to the bottom line. ϣ stackers are the perfect solution for loading or unloading a truck without a dock. The user has clearer visibility not only because of their smaller size compared to a forklift, but they also have a transparent and impact-resistant safety shield.
Noise, exhaust pollution and hazardous fumes can be dangerous to your warehouse staff whether you have a large or small warehouse. A tired sick employee will not work to their full potential thus costing the company money. All ϣ material handling equipment is ergonomically correct plus environmentally friendly.

ϣ stackers are available in several different versions: fully powered, semi-electric or completely manual. Our stackers are very budget friendly - they have low operating costs and are easily maintained. ϣ stackers are available with adjustable forks in different lengths and types. Finally with the flexible carriage you can also attach different tools to your ϣ stacker.